"Just weeks of doing BekahFit workouts consistently I was down 5 lbs! My goal was to lose 15 lbs by my 40th birthday. Not only did I meet that goal and surpass it, I feel like I'm stronger and in better shape than I was in my 20s!"
"As a busy Mom of 3 the idea of going to a gym every day is out of the question. BekahFit lets me workout when I have time. Sometimes I only have time for a quick ab workout, and other times I will put the kids down for a nap and do a 30 minute full body routine. I love having the ability to workout when and where I want. And sometimes my oldest 2 will join in with me!"
"I feel like I know Bekah personally b/c she is always on at my house! I plug my cord from my laptop to the tv so she is on my big screen. Sometimes I will talk back to her on the screen. Haha I have said some interesting things to her when my butt is burning and she's telling me to do keep going! My kids think it's funny to see Momma on the floor grunting and struggling to lift her leg. Bekah has become part of our family now! I fee like she is my friend that I get to workout with every day. I actually look forward to getting my butt kicked every day b/c I feel so accomplished after!"
"I love Bekah's workouts b/c they are designed specifically for women. She knows more about glute training than anyone I've ever heard of! She knows how to address all the problem areas for women. The first time I did one of her butt workouts I realized I had never truly trained the glutes properly. I had never felt those muscles burning like I did with her workouts. I have seen SUCH a change in my booty! Once you feel the butt muscles actually working it's addicting! The Butts & Guts workouts are my favorite!"
"Girl, you are a beast! I'm loving these workouts but I have never felt more like a pansy in my life. LOL I did "Total Triceps" this morning... which I think you should rename as Tricep Terrorism. Haha! I've done several lower body and ab workouts. I've gained 1.5" on my butt and FINALLY dipped down into the 140s! I'm not really concerned about the number as much I am the shape of my body and fit of my clothes. "Cutie Bootie" rocked my face off. My mom did it with me - I told her it was like feeling labor pains in my booty instead of low back / abs. I told my brother I'd started working with an online trainer that could totally take him down (he's a body builder). He laughed. I told him I'd put money on you after doing your workouts for a week. Hahaha! I'm loving it!"
"I was one of those women who thought they would never have a nice butt. I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing any changes in that area. I messaged Bekah about it and she explained to me how most women don't know how to work the glute muscles effectively. I decided to give her site a try and my lower body totally transformed! My husband actually told me that my butt was looking perky! That just made my day b/c I never thought I would have a backside that anyone would compliment! It's all thanks to Bekah! She is a glute genius! I'm so thankful I have a place I can go to get quality workouts that actually work!"
"I love this website b/c it's affordable and has SO much content! I never get bored b/c there are so many different workouts to choose from. Most of the time I follow Bekah's weekly list. That way I don't have to think about it, I just click on the workout she has listed. I take my iPad into the group fitness room at the gym and set it up. Sometimes I will find a corner of the gym and plug earphones into my phone. And sometimes I won't feel like going to the gym so I'll just do it in my living room. I love having the flexibility to choose when and where to workout."
"I love Bekahfit! I love that I have so many options to choose from so I'm never bored or feel like my body has gotten used to the workout. I love that I'm not worried about what Bekah will wear or say in a video if my kids are awake when I exercise. I love her explanations and when she make jokes. And I love the price! Thank you Bekah for making this available! I love Bekahfit!"